The city of Leander issued a Stage 3 water notice July 30—meaning the city is facing “severe water shortage conditions,” according to the city’s 2019 Water Conservation Plan.

Leander water customers are asked to limit outdoor irrigation to just once a week and either before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. to avoid peak hours, according to a notice from the city.

The city issued the following watering schedule:

  • Monday: no watering

  • Tuesday: commercial and multifamily

  • Wednesday: no watering

  • Thursday: even-numbered residential addresses

  • Friday: no watering

  • Saturday: odd-numbered residential addresses

  • Sunday: no watering

“Greater peak water demands continue to put a stress on our system,” the notice said. “Although Leander water remains in good supply, these conservation measures are needed to sustain a successful distribution of water to all customers.”

Using water to wash vehicles is prohibited except at businesses offering car wash services.

The city was under a boil-water notice from July 18-23 when a power outage and high water use caused a drop in water pressure, according to the city. It affected more than 20,000 customers, according to the city.

In October, the city issued a Water Conservation Plan outlining current and future water demands. It lists four stages of water conservation.

According to the plan, Stage 4 is the most severe water restriction measure and is enacted when “major water line breaks or pump system failures that cause substantial loss of ability to provide water service; the total daily water demand equals or exceeds 100% of the total operation system treatment capacity; pumping hours per day of 24 hours; natural or man-made contamination of the water supply source; or when the [Lower Colorado River Authority] general manager or board declares a water supply emergency.”