Cedar Park City Council will discuss Council Member Tim Kelly's behavior at a special-called July 30 meeting.

The discussion item, called by Council Member Mel Kirkland, alleges that Kelly violated the city's "core values, City Council goals, city ordinances, City Council Rules of Procedure and the city charter," according to the agenda.

Council discussion and possible action will consider "(a) his disrespectful, discourteous, name-calling, intimidating, and threatening treatment of Cedar Park residents, teachers, members of the public, City staff, fellow Council Members and their families, and neighboring governmental partner entities; (b) his disregard and violation of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and health/safety orders of the Williamson County Judge, Travis County Judge, and Governor of Texas; and (c) placing his personal interest in conflict with the interest of the City."

The meeting follows Kelly's July 25 Facebook post in which he called teachers who were reluctant to return to the classroom a derogatory name and said they should be fired: "Stop catering to the leaches [sic]. Fire them and rehire new teachers."

While Council Member Dorian Chavez wrote on social media in support of Kelly's post, Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale, as well as Council Members Anne Duffy, Kirkland and Rodney Robinson, criticized Kelly's post in the following days on their Facebook pages.

"It's one thing to go after people on the left or right, but to go after teachers is just despicable," Kirkland said to Community Impact Newspaper.

Kirkland said he sent a request to Van Arsdale to look into calling a special meeting. He said there has been a social media pattern with Kelly.

"We're held to a different standard once we take the oath of office. Once you go from being a candidate with the most votes to a council member, you're held to a higher standard."

According to City Council's rules of procedure, "Councilmembers shall show respect and courtesy to, and refrain from making disparaging comments about, fellow Councilmembers, the public, and City staff in the conduct of a City Council meeting, outside of Council meetings, in social settings, and on social media."

The July 30 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. via videoconference. Meetings are streamed online.

Kelly did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. This story will be updated once he replies.

The agenda can be viewed online here.

Brian Perdue contributed to this report.