Leander ISD staff provided the board of trustees with an update on campus and noncampus, or nonteaching, vacancies at the Aug. 4 meeting.

The district is now at 185 campus vacancies compared to 208 in late July. Out of the 185 campus vacancies, 87 of them are teacher positions, according to the district’s data.

As for noncampus vacancies—transportation, custodial services, child nutrition services and other noncampus departments—there has been a smaller decrease since late July. Noncampus vacancies went from 365 to 345, with the highest number of vacant positions being in child nutrition services, custodial and transportation.

Based on the district’s data, available substitute teachers increased from 318 to 425. LISD still has a goal of 750 available substitute teachers by Aug. 18.

“People are starting to respond to the calls; people are getting a little closer to school,” Chief Human Resources Officer Karie Lynn McSpadden said at the meeting. “So we’re seeing more and more actively participating and getting processed, so we’re happy about those numbers.”