After an unusual year and with summer approaching, these tutoring businesses can help students stay on top of their learning. This list is not comprehensive.

Cedar Park

1. Best Brain-Cedar Park

Age range: ages 3 1/2-15

Subject specialty: math, English, coding, technology, public speaking, state tests prep

19900 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. A100



2. Best in Class Education Center

Age range: prekindergarten-high school

Subject specialty: English, math

12160 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. 100



3. Brain Balance Cedar Park

Age range: ages 4-24 (with adult programs)

Subject specialty: achievement center that provides student assessment for root cause of struggle and prepares individualized learning plans

920 N. Vista Ridge Blvd., Ste. 600



4. College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors

Age range: ages 8-adult

Subject specialty: all subjects including Advanced Placement classes

3908 Far West Blvd., Austin

512-818-7976 locations/cedarparktx

[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

5. Club Z! In-Home & Online Tutoring of Cedar Park, TX

Age range: ages 5-25

Subject specialty: English, math, languages and science


[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

6. Grade Power Learning Cedar Park

Age range: preschool-college

Subject specialty: math, English, science

10900 Lakeline Mall Drive

512-337-9174 locations/cedar-park-tutoring

[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

7. Huntington Learning Center of CedarPark / North Austin

Age range: kindergarten-12th grade

Subject specialty: all subjects including English, math, phonics, calculus, writing and intervention specialist

1335 E. Whitestone Blvd., Ste. D 125

512-986-7796 austin-north-austin

[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

8. Math River Tutor Online

Age range: high school

Subject specialty: precalculus and algebra



9. Sylvan Learning of North Austin

Age range: ages 4-college

Subject specialty: math and reading, homework support in any subject, study skills, writing

11066 Pecan Park Blvd., Ste. 203


[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

10. The Tutoring Center-Cedar Park

Age range: ages 7-high school

Subject specialty: reading, writing, math, pre-SAT prep

1540 Cypress Creek Road, Ste. 105



11. Suzy Mahoney

Age range: sixth grade and up

Subject specialty: middle school math, algebra, geometry, precalculus, Texas Success Initiative prep


[online][SAT/ACT prep]


12. The Algebra Man

Age range: fourth-11th grade

Subject specialty: all math through Algebra 2

920 Tabernash St.


[online][SAT/ACT prep]

13. Best Brains Leander

Age range: ages 3 1/2-15

Subject specialty: math, English, coding, technology, public speaking and state test preparation

15609 Ronald W. Reagan Blvd., Ste. B140



14. Kumon Math and Reading Center of Leander

Age range: age 3-12th grade

Subject specialty: math and reading

1909 S. Hwy. 183, Ste. 105



15. Learnlee

Age range: ages 7-17

Subject specialty: math, English, science computer programming, Italian language and culture, and more

1206 Yountville Drive


[online][SAT/ACT prep]

16. Mathnasium

Age range: ages 7-high school

Subject specialty: math

2906 S. Bagdad Road, Ste. 240


[online][in-person][SAT/ACT prep]

17. My Kids Math Tutoring

Age range: fifth grade-algebra 1

Subject specialty: math

312 Callahan Lane



18. Tutoring by Louann

Age range: first-seventh grade

Subject specialty: reading, spelling and writing, dyslexia specialist

1601 Encino Drive