More than 8,000 in Cedar Park, Leander filed for unemployment in 1 month

More than 8,000 residents who live within the four ZIP codes that make up Community Impact Newspaper's Cedar Park and Leander coverage area filed for unemployment insurance between March 18-April 18, according to data from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The commission released a new interactive mapping tool in late April, which breaks down unemployment insurance claims at the ZIP code level. According to the data, 8,455 unemployment insurance claimants reside within the Cedar Park and Leander area, accounting for approximately 4.1% of the area's total population.

Of the total number of claimants, 3,473 are men, and 4,982 are women. Within the four ZIP codes, TWC deemed 6,582 monetarily eligible, while 1,873 were deemed not monetarily eligible.

According to the data, ZIP code 78613 had the most claimants, with 3,412 residents filing for benefits. ZIP code 78726 had the highest percentage of claimants compared with its total population at 5.23%.

Similarly, ZIP code 78726 had the least number of claimants with 745 people filing for benefits, while ZIP code 78717 had the lowest percentage of claimants compared with its total population at 3.66%.

Here are the number of unemployment insurance claimants for Cedar Park and Leander-area ZIP codes per April 27 data as well as population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • 78613: 3,412 UI claimants, or 3.98% of the 85,672 population; 1,392 male, 2,020 female (Cedar Park)

  • 78641: 3,050 UI claimants, or 4.24% of the 71,969 population; 1,251 male, 1,799 female (Leander)

  • 78717: 1,248 UI claimants, or 3.66% of the 34,103 population; 535 male, 713 female (NW Austin)

  • 78726: 745 UI claimants, or 5.23% of the 14,246 population; 295 male, 450 female (NW Austin).