The future Perfect Game development in Cedar Park is moving ahead with approved zoning for the 110-acre project.

Cedar Park City Council approved a zoning change request for the project Feb. 24. The new zoning changes over 110 acres from development reserve zoning to planned development zoning with a general business base district.

The project will be at the southeast corner of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and the planned New Hope Drive extension. The project is divided into two parts. A 30-acre tract of land along Ronald Reagan Boulevard will have general business land uses such as hotel, restaurant, retail. The second 80-acre land tract will house Perfect Game facilities and 16 baseball fields.

Josh Sanders, a Perfect Game developer, said to city council that the construction of the baseball facilities and phase one of commercial development is expected to be complete in early 2024.

During the Feb. 10 council meeting, the developer, council members and city staff discussed some residents' concerns about the development. Amy Link, the city director of development services, said community concerns about the project were related to hours of operation, traffic and noise levels.

Hours of operation are to end at 10 p.m., but events that began before that time can finish after 10 p.m., Link said. Sanders said weather delays could cause games to start closer to 10 p.m., but most games and tournaments will be held during the summer and on weekends.

Sanders said games are limited to two hours, and not all games start and end at the same time. This would disperse traffic as not all attendees would come and go during the same time like at H-E-B Center events, for example. Based on the development’s traffic study, there are about 24 vehicles expected per field.

Sanders said the noise level at games will likely not reach half the maximum decibel level of the city’s noise ordinance. The fields and crowds are spread over 80 acres instead of one stadium, so the number of spectators at each field is limited.

Lighting at the Perfect Game development was also discussed. Within the development, exterior lighting will comply with dark-sky friendly requirements including warmer toned lighting, timers and dimmers to reduce light pollution on the property, Link said.

The field lights will comply with dark skies requirements, but the light color will be brighter and cooler for sports safety, Link said. Outdoor field lights will be limited to 80 feet in height and at least 200 feet from the northern property boundary and 25 feet from the eastern and southern property lines.