Summer never ends at one business near the intersection of New Hope Drive and Bagdad Road.

The Splash Shack, a cavernous indoor water park where the air temperature is always 82 degrees, opened in November 2018 after spouses Tom and Lauren Davis accumulated decades of experience working for outdoor water parks; in fact, Tom said he and Lauren met when they were both working at—where else?—a water park.

“It’s always been a dream of ours to own our own water park,” Tom said on a recent Saturday as dozens of kids swarmed around the slides. The cavernous 10,000-square-foot building holds a three-story playscape offering water slides—with heated water—and different types of water features. The structure is crowned by a huge metal bucket; every five minutes, the bucket dumps 1,000 gallons onto a terraced ledge that sends the water throughout the structure.

For safety reasons, children must be at least 3 feet tall to ride the slides. A splash pad off to the side of the structure is available to families with infants and smaller children, Tom said.Rows of Adirondack chairs allow parents to sit back and watch the fun from a dry area, and a concession stand sells drinks and snacks.

The Davises said two different areas can be rented for birthday parties or other special occasions. One of them, a deck, offers a sweeping view of the facility. The entire facility can also be rented.

Prices range from $6.99 for children who stand 42 inches or less to $14.99 for children taller than 42 inches. Children under 1 year old get in for free, nonparticipating adults are charged $1.99 and participating adults are charged $6.99. Those 14 and under must be with an adult.

Tom said the park is not just a place to come in the winter. The business also gets good crowds during the summer. The park is more accommodating to children with sun sensitivities or other outdoor allergies, he said.

“Everyone who comes in goes, ‘Oh, wow,’” Tom Davis said. “It’s just a matter of time until it takes off.”

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