At a Feb. 11 joint meeting between Leander ISD and Leander City Council, an LISD official said seven new elementary schools—six of them in the Leander area—could be built in the district by August 2027.

Answering a question posed by Leander Council Member Marci Cannon about the location of future schools, Jimmy Disler, LISD’s chief facilities and operations officer, laid out a tentative schedule of future elementary school construction through 2027:

  • August 2021: Palmero Ridge

  • August 2022: Bryson

  • August 2023: Travisso

  • August 2024: Glenn High School area

  • August 2025: Brushy Creek (Cedar Park)

  • August 2026: northeastern part of the district

  • August 2027: northwestern part of the district.

A middle school and elementary school are opening in August. Disler said the next middle school could open in August 2024, while the next high school could come in August 2025 in the northeastern part of the district and near the Ronald Reagan Boulevard area.

Disler emphasized that future school locations often change from year to year. As an example, he cited how last year’s demographer's report recommended an elementary school in Travisso in 2022 and Bryson in 2023. This year’s report switched the recommended openings for the two schools.

After the meeting, LISD spokesperson Corey Ryan said Disler was referencing data that had already appeared in the most recent demographer's report.

Several overlapping concerns were also discussed during the meeting:

  • Leander ISD demographic report;

  • growing student enrollment and development density;

  • sports programs for youth;

  • school safety;

  • disaster and emergency response;

  • A-F accountability rating system;

  • transportation plans for Raider Way, San Gabriel Parkway and Lakeline Boulevard (north of Hero Way West); and

  • establishing stronger lines of communication, which could include each body designating a liaison with the other group of elected officials.

The Feb. 11 joint meeting was the first meeting between the two elected bodies since Oct. 19, 2017, according to city spokesperson Mike Neu.