Williamson County officials are conducting a right-of-way preservation study for a future east-west connection from I-35 to the East Wilco Highway, with a development schematic to be completed in late 2024.

The gist

Known as Corridor K, the connection is an effort to plan for continued population growth in eastern Williamson County. According to county documents, the engineering firm American Structure Point will use the study to develop the corridor's schematic.

Originally planned as a 350-foot right-of-way corridor road project, county documents show the project has been reduced to an arterial road with a 150-foot right of way, or the area the road takes up. Once a route and funding have been finalized, the first phase of construction will build a three-lane roadway, with one lane traveling east, one lane traveling west and a turn lane in the middle.

A second expansion is planned for an unspecified date. This expansion will add another three-lane roadway and shift the the road into one with three lanes traveling east and three traveling west.

According to county documents, the location of the corridor is conceptual, and the forthcoming study will assist in determining a feasible route. Multiple factors are taken into consideration while developing a proposed route, including environmental factors, historical factors, home and business displacements, drainage, and waterways.

What’s next

Williamson County will need to purchase right-of-way rights from adjacent property owners. Right-of-way and alignment needs will be determined during the study, and affected property owners will be contacted directly by the county, according to county documents.

Corridor K is funded by the county's Long Range Transportation Plan, which is financed by a combination of road and bridge funds and general funds.