Cedar Park City Council unanimously approved a change order on May 23 that will allow the addition of crosswalks and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps to the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail, which is under construction.

The Brushy Creek North Fork Trail project consists of roughly 3 miles of shared-use trail. The trail will start near Parmer Lane and Whitestone Boulevard, extend south, and connect to the Brushy Creek Regional Trail near Brushy Creek Road.

A closer look

Capital Projects Manager Chris Brickey said the scope of the $330,841 change order includes:
  • Widening 500 feet of the trail for crosswalks and ADA-compliant ramps to improve the south connection to the existing Brushy Creek Regional Trail
  • Constructing 550 feet of additional trail and ADA-compliant ramps to connect the north end of the trail to the Parmer Lane crosswalk located at Colonial Parkway
  • Adding new low-water crossings, drainage pipes and tree protection
  • Extending the contract 268 days to cover the additional work and delays
City Manager Brenda Eivens said the work aligns with the goals identified in the city’s Mobility Master Plan.

The change order will not require additional funding as it is already covered in the project budget of $2.7 million, Brickey said.