Cedar Park City Council took another step to move forward with the 2023 Lakeline Boulevard Rehabilitation Project days before the street reconstruction is set to begin.

The Lakeline Boulevard Rehabilitation Project involves the reconstruction of Lakeline Boulevard from Continental Pass to Cedar Hills Boulevard. Reconstruction will begin May 30 and is expected to wrap up before Leander ISD reopens Aug. 16.

At a May 25 meeting, Cedar Park City Council authorized City Manager Brenda Eivens to execute an agreement with Dial Development Services, Ltd. for construction inspection and observation services for the project that will not exceed $88,580.

The background

Cedar Park’s 2021 Bond Advisory Task Force recommended the project after the portion of Lakeline Boulevard was severely damaged during Winter Storm Uri in Feb. 2021, said Chris Brickey, the city’s capital projects manager, at a May 11 meeting.

Voters approved funding for the project as a part of the 2022 Bond Program. On May 11, Cedar Park City Council authorized the project’s construction through a $1.95 million contract with Texas Road, LLC.

Brickey said that while temporary repairs were made “a complete street reconstruction is required to permanently repair the roadway.” The project will involve the removal and replacement of 16 inches of pavement, road base and subgrade, Brickey said.

Councilmember Heather Jefts asked Brickey why the project would require such extensive work at the May 11 meeting.

“Sixteen inches seems like a lot for the road. What happened?” Jefts said. “Usually when you do the resurfacing or reconstruction it’s just a couple inches that we’re scraping.”

Brickey responded that the existing roadway only has three inches of asphalt and four inches of base when it should be 16 inches in depth. He agreed with Councilmember Kevin Harris who said the road wasn’t built for increased traffic flow over the last 10 years.

“We have to totally reconstruct it and actually excavate some of the subgrade down so that we have room to put the proper section,” Brickey said.

The impact

During construction, traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction on the northbound side as crew members work on the southbound lanes. Two-way traffic will then be moved to the southbound lanes as workers reconstruct the northbound lanes. Crews will work on the road Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Work commuters are encouraged to find an alternate route to avoid delays.

The contract with Texas Road, LLC has a 90-day duration, but Jennie Huerta, the city's media and communications manager, said the city expects for the project to be complete before school begins Aug. 16 for Leander ISD to avoid disruptions to neighboring schools, including C.C. Mason Elementary School and Leander High School.