Cedar Park officials are asking community members to provide feedback on the mobility master plan as it nears completion. Residents can participate in virtual meetings through May 31.

The overview

The mobility master plan is intended to improve residents' quality of life by creating a more efficient, accessible and safer transportation system for walkers, bikers and drivers. It addresses needed infrastructure projects, transportation goals and future transportation policies in Cedar Park.

The mobility master plan integrates and updates:

The timeline

Cedar Park City Council authorized the mobility master plan in March 2022. In September, the city began working on the mobility plan with a council-appointed advisory committee and a consultant team.

The city is now hosting virtual meetings through May 31 to garner public input on the plan’s draft recommendations.

How to get involved

Residents can take part in the virtual comment process by:
  • Watching this video to learn more about the plan
  • Commenting on an interactive map of existing and proposed projects, such as bike and pedestrian paths
  • Completing an online survey about the plan’s draft roadway plan, intersection policies, draft trails plan, safe crossings and microtransit implementation
  • Ranking their mobility priorities
Next steps

The advisory committee will meet to review the plan’s final draft June 14 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Cedar Park Recreation Center at 1435 Main St., Cedar Park, and present a final report, including all public feedback, to City Council at a later date.