The Williamson County Commissioners Court approved a $16.2 million budget for capital improvements Oct. 10, allocating funds for county projects slated for 2024.

The breakdown

Commissioners included the $16.2 million in capital improvements in the county’s general fund for fiscal year 2023-24, which was approved Aug. 29. Officials then identified a list of projects for funding to go, including:
  • Tracy Chambers Lane, $5.2 million
The project, previously approved by Commissioners Court, will extend Tracy Chambers Lane to Southwestern Blvd, allowing for less congestion surrounding important administration buildings for the county, including Williamson County Juvenile Services, Human Resources and Emergency Services Operations Center (911 services).
  • Backup 911 center, $4.5 million
Listed under the county’s public safety projects, this improvement is a part of the Unify data-sharing program for first responders.
  • New radio tower, $3 million
The county has previously discussed the necessity for five new towers to fully integrate its Unify data-sharing system with surrounding areas and jurisdictions, a priority for public safety in the county.
  • Carlson Cove Tower maintenance and enhancements, $1.5 million
This project also falls under the county’s public safety projects, as the tower is used for Williamson County emergency communications.
  • Williamson County Fleet building expansion, $1.5 million
Williamson County Fleet Services manages all of the county's vehicle-related needs, including maintenance, repairs, bodywork and fueling infrastructure. WilCo currently oversees the upkeep of around 750 pieces of equipment and vehicles in its fleet.
  • Taylor Tax Office Remodel, $457,425
This remodel of the old tax office will provide additional space for the Tax Assessor Collector’s Office.

Quote of note

“Talking about the Taylor tax office remodel, it’s an extremely small location. People line up outside, to my understanding,” County Commissioner Precinct 3 Valerie Covey said. “It’s been on the list [of prior year capital improvement projects].”

More details

The county also retained an additional $4.2 million in unallocated funds from prior years to be used for parks and other capital improvements.

The county did not allocate any money for the remodel or repairs of the jail or justice center, as the county anticipates plans to move the justice center to a new location in coming years.