Cedar Park City Council made a unanimous decision to postpone its vote on a proposed development that would add more residential options to a property planned for commercial.

The gist

Developer Milestone Community Builders is requesting to rezone the proposed property—located at the northwest corner of east New Hope Drive and Ronald Reagan Boulevard—to add single-family homes and townhomes.

If approved, this request would require making amendments to the city’s future land use plan.

Situated on vacant and undeveloped land, the proposed 31-acre property is currently zoned for local office, retail and commercial space in Cedar Park’s future land use plan.

A closer look

Called Crestwood Park, the proposed development is aimed to create “a true town center,” a project representative said, with nature aspects and features such as food trucks.

The following is what the developer plans for the property:
  • 19.5 acres single-family residential, or 73 lots
  • 6.2 acres of townhomes, or 50 units
  • A coffee shop
  • A gas station and convenience store
Assistant Director of Development Services Andreina Davila-Quintero said if the request is approved, it would add 406 residents to Cedar Park’s ultimate buildout.

What officials are saying

A majority of council expressed the desire for more commercial development than residential in the area.

“I am very supportive of denser housing,” Council Member Heather Jefts said at the Sept. 28 City Council meeting. “I also know that we have had issues in the past with projects, to this day, that are not complete the way that they were brought forward to us. So, I'm not interested in a residential plan right there on the major corridor that we have designated as a major retail corridor to help us with alleviating property taxes.”

Council Member Kevin Harris said the project looks great, but the location is not ideal.

“I see the cool shops, I see the destination commercial that’s going to support all these visitors in that area, and I think adding residential right there isn’t helpful with the traffic. It’s a tough deal, it’s a tough call for us," Harris said.

What’s next

Council voted to table the decision and recommended that the developer come back with a different plan including more commercial options.

The developer is slated to come back before council with an updated plan sometime in November.