Cedar Park City Council at its Aug. 24 meeting greenlighted three new selections for display at the city’s sculpture garden throughout the course of the 2023-24 period.

The big picture

New sculptures are selected every year for a one-year display period as the sculptures from the prior year are rotated out.

The selection process for the 2023-24 display period began in June and ended in July.

The city received 17 submissions, and out of that, three sculptures were selected for display along with one alternate—which will be the next choice should one of the other three not be available upon installation.

City staff selected the following sculptures for display this upcoming year:
  • “Low-Poly Heart” by M.L. Duffy
  • “Healing Community” by Anthony St. James
  • “Woven Orb” by Laura Sturtz
  • “Something Fishy” by Laura Sturtz as the alternate option
The newly selected sculptures will be installed between Oct. 9-16, and the display period will run from October 2023 to October 2024.

“I do like that we’re getting some substance,” Council Member Anne Duffy said at the Aug. 24 City Council meeting. “They’re bigger, and they have a bigger presence.”

The backstory

Located at 1435 Main St. adjacent to the recreation center, the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden has been open since 2013.

The majority of the sculptures in the garden are on loan from the artists and are available for sale, according to the city. Some of the pieces are part of the city’s permanent art collection.

Purchases for the sculpture garden are typically made available through the city’s public art fund.

Also on the agenda

Council also approved the purchase of three permanent pieces for the sculpture garden.

“Since the creation of the sculpture garden, it’s been the city’s goal to expand its permanent collection,” Assistant to the City Manager Jacob Worth said. “Periodically, staff will recommend the purchase of sculptures from the previous year’s display.”

The following sculptures were purchased for permanent display:
  • “Family” by Elizabeth Bonura for $3,000
  • “Kenopsia” by Caroline Walker for $8,000
  • “Balancing Apple” by Cindy Debold for $12,500