Cedar Park City Council conducted the first reading for a special-use permit for Facilities Resource Inc. that would allow event center use at its Aug. 24 meeting.

The overview

Facilities Resource is an office furniture and design business that offers services such as interior design and corporate renovation.

The business operates out of a 25,000-square-foot facility located at 1641 Scottsdale Crossing, Cedar Park, and it includes a 5,000-square-foot event space that can be used by other local businesses.

The request to add event center use to Facilities Resource is in conformance with “the existing land use pattern and character of the area,” according to city documents.

Existing parking at the property will sufficiently serve the event center use, Assistant Director of Development Services Andreina Davila-Quintero said at the meeting.

Facilities Resource Owner Margaret Teinert Ross proposed additional conditions under the special-use permit, which includes all events being conducted inside of the building and that they will end no later than midnight.

What officials are saying

Council discussed the prohibitions that were previously set in place for the property at 1641 Scottsdale Crossing.

Council Member Heather Jefts said the list of prohibitions is extensive, and the properties in the area don’t touch the nearby homes.

“You can’t have a restaurant that serves alcohol. ... You can’t have a veterinary clinic. There’s a huge list of prohibitions on this one property, and virtually everything does not touch residential,” she said. “So, it seems overly restrictive on the vast majority of businesses that really, it wouldn’t be necessary, in my view.”

Council Member Anne Duffy said the event space is useful for the city.

“I think [Facilities Resource has] been a good neighbor,” she said. “We certainly recognize that event space is a commodity.”

The action taken

Council did not take action on the item as it was only the first reading. The item will come back to council for the second reading Sept. 14.