Trustees approved updates to Round Rock ISD's policies governing foreign exchange student admissions and bullying May 16.

What you need to know

These updates include the removal of a cap on the number of foreign exchange students the district can accept as well as added language regarding identity-based bullying.

What they’re saying

"This is a really exciting policy that makes sure that we are protecting all students, which I think ultimately uplifts their ability to be safe in our schools and to be treated with dignity, humanity and to learn," Place 6 trustee Tiffanie Harrison said.

The details

The foreign exchange policy updates include the following revisions:
  • Removal of the five-student cap for foreign exchange enrollment
  • Clarification of the enrollment timeline for applicants
Revisions to the district's bullying policy include:
  • The addition of identity-based bullying to the policy's coverage
  • Clarification of how many students may contribute to a bullying incident
  • The addition of acts, including physical contact, intimidation using gestures and words, as well as slurs
  • A section committing the district to bullying prevention and response
  • The addition of supportive measures for students impacted by bullying
  • Additional notices to guardians of bullying incidents and district action