The Round Rock ISD board of trustees revived discussions of single-member districts during a recent meeting, more than a year after the matter was tabled.

What you need to know

Board members during a Dec. 12 meeting discussed the potential of further exploring the process of becoming a single-member district entity, potentially with five trustees tied to geographic areas and two at-large positions.

Trustees last discussed the matter in May and June of 2022, ultimately tabling it as it was too close to the November 2022 election.

In talks with board council, the seven trustees expressed their thoughts about potentially re-engaging in learning about single-member districts and how it might impact representation on the board, as well as whether exploration of single-member districts would be worth the time and resources necessary to fully flesh out what would ultimately be a near-permanent change to their operations.

Place 6 trustee Tiffanie Harrison said she chose to revisit the matter at this time because the board would have the time needed to fully engage the community in such discussions. Multiple trustees expressed an interest in single-member districts that night, as it could make running for a seat more accessible in terms of cost and time required.

What else?

The board asked for additional information about becoming a single-member district entity to be brought forth for consideration at a future meeting, but did not take a vote establishing any directive with regard to becoming a single-member district in the near future.