Round Rock ISD staff said the district could be looking at up to $70 million in necessary repairs to its facilities following a September hail storm.

What you need to know

RRISD staff members are working with the district's insurance provider to identify needed repairs after a Sept. 24 hail storm caused damage to several district facilities. At a Nov. 16 board meeting, RRISD's Chief Financial Officer Dennis Covington said the cost to address repairs needed immediately on six of the district's 68 facilities is around $22 million.

About two-thirds of the district's facilities have been identified as damaged or requiring additional investigation into possible damage from the storm, district documents show.

Covington said the broad scope of repairs is expected to cost between $50 million and $70 million, and it will take two to three years to complete. District documents state the damages are covered under the district's property damage policy, which has a 2% deductible. Covington said this 2% works out to around $1.4 million that the district will have to pay.

What they're saying

Covington said the length of time required to complete the repairs boils down to the level of damage each building took, with some in need of new roofs.

"A lot of it's going to be due to materials, staffing for the repair companies, and they try to do most of the work when the kids aren't in the building," he said. "You probably have to schedule each section of the building, especially over at Round Rock [High School] because a lot of the buildings—not all of the buildings—need an entire roof replacement and you can't have kids in there."