Community members can now give their feedback on the newly proposed attendance zones for Elementary School No. 30, which may impact several elementary school campuses next school year.

What’s happening?

Leander ISD officials shared a second attendance zoning scenario for Elementary School No. 30 in response to community input on an initial scenario released Oct. 27. Community members can comment on the potential attendance zones through an online survey until Nov. 26.

The second scenario reflects community feedback to address overcrowding at Larkspur and North elementary schools, and balance enrollment across the northern elementary campuses, according to the district’s website.

Projections based on existing attendance zones without Elementary School No. 30 show Larkspur at 121% capacity next school year and North reaching 100% capacity by the 2025-26 school year.

The big picture

Under the new scenario, Elementary School No. 30 would pull students from Bagdad and North elementary schools while the previous scenario would’ve pulled students from Bagdad and Plain elementary schools.

The second scenario shows some students moving from Camacho to Bagdad and Whitestone elementary schools; Larkspur to North Elementary; Plain to Camacho Elementary; and Tarvin to North and Parkside elementary schools.

Around 1,000 students would be impacted by the rezoning, with 513 zoned for Elementary School No. 30, according to district documents. Click here to view the district's interactive zoning map.
  • 302 students from Bagdad to Elementary School No. 30
  • 211 students from North to Elementary School No. 30
  • 157 students from Larkspur to North
  • 144 students from Tarvin to Parkside
  • 68 students from Camacho to Whitestone
  • 49 students from Tarvin to North
  • 31 students from Plain to Camacho
  • 27 students from Camacho to Bagdad
Also of note

Elementary School No. 30 is one of at least four elementary schools and an early childhood center the district plans to open over the next 10 years to relieve capacity at its northern elementary campuses.

The early childhood center is now expected to open in 2026 instead of 2025 and pull prekindergarten students from Bagdad, Larkspur, North, Plain, Tarvin and Elementary School 30, LISD Assistant Director of Communications Daniel Cernero said.

If the second zoning scenario is approved, the opening of Elementary School No. 31 would be pushed back from 2025 to 2028 when Elementary School No. 33 would open, LISD Chief Communications Officer Crestina Hardie said.

What’s next?

The district may potentially release a third zoning scenario based on community feedback after Thanksgiving break, Hardie said. Once a scenario is finalized, the attendance zones will be reviewed by the Long-Range Planning Committee and be presented to the board of trustees for a vote.