Restaurant entrepreneur Saphachai Apisaksiri, along with his godson Znooker Apidate Thipala and business partner Vara Suksawad, opened Super Sap’s in January 2023 aiming to bring bona fide Thai food to Cedar Park.

What’s special about it?

After opening two other Thai restaurants in Austin, Thipala said the team was ready to “lift [their] restaurant game to the next level by creating the 78th Thailand province in Cedar Park.”

To do this, Suksawad uses family recipes to create scratch-made dishes derived from regions throughout Thailand. For example, the Northern Thai herbed sausage recipe, served with Thai chili paste, fried pork skins and sticky rice, comes from Thipala’s mother out of Nan Province in Northern Thailand.

Additionally, Thipala said Super Sap’s achieves authenticity by omitting fusion-style cooking and using Thai mixology to create signature cocktails with ingredients such as lemongrass, lychee and Thai basil.

What’s on the menu?

Some of the best-sellers include the Tom Yum More Fire—a creamy hot and sour soup filled with 2 pounds of giant prawns featuring lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro and Thai chili; the Shrimp Chanel with sashimi shrimp soaked in Thai spicy garlic lemon sauce served with bitter melon, garlic and cilantro; and the Bermuda White Bass, fried and seasoned with garlic, palm sugar, basil, onion and chilies.

“We truly want the world to taste our food and make our guests feel like they are in Thailand,” Thipala said. “We have strong passion and pride in Thai cuisine and culture, and want to share it with everyone.”