Six additional acres of land will now be incorporated into the existing 43-acre The Bell District development in Cedar Park following council’s unanimous approval April 25.

The addition of the land will help fill gaps and enhance the initial redevelopment master plan for the property, according to city documents.

Remember this?

RedLeaf Properties—the project’s developer—is integrating two parcels of land into the Bell District planned development, including:
  • 5.21 acres zoned as general business
  • 1.03 acres zoned as open space greenbelt

Located at 107 S. Bell Blvd., Cedar Park, the roughly 5-acre property would better support restaurants and retailers in The Bell District and help lure larger employers to the area than the district could previously accommodate, RedLeaf partner Rob Shands said during the April 11 City Council meeting.

Additionally, the developers will reconfigure the 1-acre of open space and incorporate it into the planned brownstones nearby.

Something to note

A few residents expressed concern that the 1-acre reduction of the designated open space may cause flooding in the nearby creek.

“I have seen this creek flood, my neighbors have seen it at their back door. And that was within the last 20 years, it has filled wall to wall multiple times,” resident Erica Scassa said during the April 25 City Council meeting.

Council along with RedLeaf affirmed the residents’ concerns and agreed flood mitigation in the area is something they will continue to examine and address.

“The goal is ultimately to allow that creek to flow through that area and through the city without damming it up, which is what then causes flooding,” council member Mel Kirkland said.

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The Bell District site is now roughly 49 acres.

More information regarding the rezoning of the 6 acres can be found here.