Soccer Pups, an indoor soccer training facility for children, opened in Cedar Park in August. The company offers soccer classes, an academy, training, youth soccer leagues and private birthday parties.

The setup

Children ages 3-6 can receive beginner training through Soccer Pups classes. The academy offers advanced training for those ages 5-9 who may then move on to training classes. Children ages 5-9 may also participate in 3v3 and 4v4 youth soccer leagues organized by gender and skill level.

The programs aim to progress alongside a child’s development, from learning basic motor skills to training for club-level competition, Soccer Pups Founder Noel Rubert said.

Quote of note

“We really are about developing the whole child, so not only how to be a better soccer player but how to just become your own individual person as a little one,” Rubert said.

How it started

Rubert and co-founder Tim Medina first started offering soccer pups programs in 2014 at schools and Soccer Hub Austin. She said she hopes more facilities will open with Cedar Park being the corporate flagship.