Inspired by a lifetime love of comics and a vision to improve the comic book shopping experience, Adam Lajaunie opened Titan Moon Comics with his brother Kent in 2014.

Nine years later, Titan Moon Comics provides collectors an opportunity to shop locally and meet fellow collectors.

The breakdown

Titan Moon Comics is the only comic book store in Cedar Park. In addition to comics, manga and card games, the shop also carries figures, graphic novels and collectors' supplies.

“I've been part of the community in one way or another my whole life,” Adam said. “It's been pretty amazing to watch the whole business grow.”

Titan Moon Comics hosts weekly and monthly events at tables in the back of the store for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, and other card games.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, comic books and card games stopped being printed, essentially shutting the industry down, Adam said. Business operations turned virtual overnight, transforming the store from brick-and-mortar to online only.

The slowdown of the industry forced the business to essentially start from scratch, but since then, the comic book and card game industry have diversified and years-long backorders have started to improve, Adam said. Even with the return of in-person shopping, the comic book store now offers an online portal for customers to use.

What’s special about it?

Growing up, Adam said he was often overlooked in comic stores by staff due to his age or ability to buy items. For his own store, Adam said he strives to make Titan Moon Comics a more welcoming place for everyone.

“I think the main thing is probably the experience,” Adam said. “Being able to share what they love with us and the associates—somebody that's like-minded ... so that they feel that connection with people.”

What else?

Outside of its merchandise, the comic store is special because of the connection built with its clients, co-owner Chani Lajaunie said.

“We have people who have been coming for nine years,” Chani said. “We have built a community with these people, we've watched their kids grow up. It's just been really cool to see all of that.”

Titan Moon Comics

1540 Cypress Creek Road, Ste. 108, Cedar Park