For many, moving built up junk out of your home and garage is a dread-inducing task. Leftover debris from the winter storm can seem impossible to get rid of. In that case, the answer to your problems is locally owned Dumpster Today.

The nationwide company provides quick and easy roll-off dumpsters at a low and transparent price. Instead of waiting for the yearly bulk trash pickup day that doesn’t pick up as much garbage or taking it to the landfill yourself, Dumpster Today takes care of this.

However, Dumpster Today wasn’t always an available service in the Austin area. About a year ago, Iraq veteran and local franchise owner Ryan Waldron noticed a gap in the local waste service industry: many dumpster service companies only focused on commercial properties, leaving residential properties without many options.

“​​When I discovered Dumpster Today as a franchise concept, it was very appealing to me because I feel like it fit that gap,” Waldron said. “Not everyone wants to hire a junk removal company that goes into your home. Some people would rather just have a dumpster bin placed in the driveway for a couple of days [where] they fill it up and it gets removed.”

The process is simple for customers who have tried Dumpster Today. All they have to do is schedule a day and time for the dumpster to get dropped off, fill it up with their garbage and pick a day for it to get picked back up to be dumped in a landfill.

Customers can choose from a one-, three- or seven-day dumpster rental, as well as the size of the dumpster. The dumpsters range in size between a 12-yard rental and an 18-yard rental. The 12-yard dumpster costs $299 for a one-day rental, while the 18-yard dumpster costs $399 for a three-day rental and $449 for a seven-day rental. Customers can dump the first 4,000 pounds of debris weight included for free, with additional weight costing $0.04 per pound over.

The process can be completed over the phone or online. Customers also receive updates throughout the entire task.

“You'll get a text notification or an email notification that we received the order and when the dumpster is on its way. We then text the day before to remind you that we're going to be there for pick-up,” Waldron said. “Just like Uber, you get texts along the way, ‘Your driver's en route. We’ll be there in 35 minutes.’ It's that simple.”

The dumpsters are equipped with walk-in doors for easy arrangement of the trash customers want to dispose of, and the employees place a barrier between the driveway and the dumpsters, meaning the dumpster won’t even touch your driveway.

Currently, Dumpster Today is running a promotion with the code IMPACT25, which gives new customers $25 off their service throughout the summer.

“We take our time to make sure that the trucks are clean and that our bright orange dumpsters are well-maintained for our customers,” Waldron said.

To schedule a pickup, visit the Dumpster Today website or call 512-675-5555.

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