A new Buda distillery will soon introduce a coffee liqueur to the market.

Remington Family Distillers, located near Old Town Buda, was given the all-clear by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in May to begin producing its take on a coffee liqueur.

Peter Remington, the part-owner who has been making the liqueur for about 15 years but only recently began pursuing it as a business opportunity, said he expects to have the product ready for distribution by July.

“The goal was to create a liqueur that coffee lovers would enjoy over ice as the perfect iced coffee—with that little adult kick,” Remington said. “It also makes the best iced adult latte if you add a splash of half-and-half, as I prefer.”

The liqueur’s name, Caffe del Fuego, is derived from both Italian and Spanish. Remington said that is because he learned the recipe from Vincent Perry, his Italian mentor, whom he met while working in the wine industry.

The latter part of the name, “del Fuego,” is in Spanish because coffee is usually thought of as a Mexican drink, he said.

Using no artificial flavorings or colorings in his liqueur, Remington said he uses a simple process to make the liqueur, which produces a natural coffee flavor that is not as sweet as most coffee liqueurs on the market.

Austin Coffee Roasters helped Remington Family Distillers produce a five-bean coffee blend Austin Coffee Roasters roasts and grinds. The coffee is then brewed at the distillery.

“[The liqueur] is barely sweet, and the flavors play in layers with tones of rich coffee, dark bittersweet chocolate, and subtle hints of caramel owed to the pure dark cane sugar and pure Madagascar vanilla we use,” Remington said. “Each sip shows another side, and it's addictive in the best way.”