By Joe Olivieri

Owners aim to recreate grandma's kitchen

Sisters Edie Ann and Stephanie Goodwin said family is very important to them.

They said they learned how to bake—and cultivated their high standards for baked goods—from their mother and grandmother.

When they decided to open a business, the sisters drew from their childhood nicknames, and Princess and Moose's Sister Bakery was born.

The duo catered and sold food and drinks at local farmers markets before buying a 1970s model mail truck in February 2013. They gutted and repaired it and opened up shop at the Native South Food Park in October 2013.

The truck's menu reflects the sisters' emphasis on family and their whimsical personalities, they said.

Some cakes are named for relatives, such as Lisa's Boring Cake, a yellow cake with vanilla custard and chocolate frosting. Others include the Fat Elvis, a peanut butter and jelly cake, and a Chocolate Overload cake.

The constants on the menu exhibit a preference for buying local ingredients and the intention of only putting out the best foods.

The sisters have used ingredients from Tito's Handmade Vodka, Richardson's Farm, Mill King Market and Johnson's Backyard Garden, among others. They have partnered with Lick Ice Creams on a seasonal flavor.

"If we wouldn't feel comfortable serving it to our mother and grandmother, we aren't serving it," Stephanie said.

"We had a crumble we made last night. It was delicious but did not look right. We did not put it on the truck this morning," Edie added.

While they describe themselves as traditional bakers, the sisters said they pride themselves on their experimentation as well. They said they have made gluten-free and vegan cakes and love to tinker with recipes.

The sisters said they want to go back to a time when eating was a time for reconnecting with friends and family.

"We make a 10-inch cake and slice it into 10 pieces," Stephanie said. "It's a little more than you would normally get. It's meant for sharing."

Princess & Moose's Sister Bakery, Native South Food Park, 10106 Manchaca Road, 512-417-9847,