An agreement between the city of Bastrop and Bastrop County has been made to continue the county’s maintenance work into the city limits. The city will purchase the material, and county workers will perform the maintenance work.

Work on Lovers Lane will begin once the county signs the agreement, Assistant City Manager Andres Rosales said at the March 26 City Council meeting. All of Hoffman Road will also be paved by the county.

“This is really another win for us,” Mayor Lyle Nelson said at the meeting. “Now [that] we’re utilizing [the county’s] expertise and their equipment, we're able to accelerate or at least implement our street maintenance program a lot earlier.”

What’s next

Work on Piney Ridge and Tahitian Village streets is expected to follow using a similar agreement with the county, Rosales said at the meeting.

Also of note

A similar agreement was approved with the Bastrop County Water Control Improvement District No. 2 to perform road maintenance on multiple Tahitian Village roads.

The roads will receive a chip seal maintenance treatment to seal cracks in the road and extend the life of the pavement.

The following roads will receive maintenance as part of the agreement:
  • Aloha Lane
  • Kohala Lane
  • Koui Court
  • Reva Court
Price estimates of the work totals $83,129 plus up to $10,000 for riprap, erosion preventing rock, which will need to be added to Aloha Lane, officials said.

“These are the four streets we're going to do this year with WCID, and then every year annually we'll bring more streets that are inside the city,” Rosales said at the meeting.