New shade structures are set to be installed at Ferry and Hunter’s Crossing parks. Installation of the structures was approved at the Aug. 22 City Council meeting for $64,929. The shade structures will have a large canopy style and a guaranteed 20-year warranty, and will be powder coated for the steel structures.

“Last time we had a Hunter's Crossing open house, [the need for shade was] the main thing that [attendees] were talking about,” Director of Public Works Curtis Hancock said. “Both of these parks don't have trees close by and get any shade at all.”

According to contracts, the delivery and installation of the shade structures will take place 14 to 16 weeks following the quote's signing.

"We went to went to work and this is what we came up with," Hancock said. "This was the lowest of the bids we got back."
  • Ferry Park: 502 Water St., Bastrop
  • Hunter's Crossing Park: Hunters Crossing Boulevard, Bastrop