Bastrop voters will find a city of Bastrop Proposition A on November’s ballot. The proposition would reallocate a portion of the Bastrop sales tax funds for development to fund residential Bastrop roadwork.

The details

According to Bastrop City Manager Sylvia Carrillo, the proposition, if passed, would cut roughly 75% of the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation's budget. Currently, 50% of the BEDC budget, about $2 million, is used for commercial streets to support new businesses.

The proposition would enable the money to be used toward existing residential streets. According to Carrillo, the city is in the process of implementing impact fees that would fund Bastrop’s commercial roads.

“When we polled some community members they said, ‘Yeah, we kind of like what they do, meaning the EDC ... but we don't feel like we need to be subsidizing business anymore to come here—like, business is coming no matter what,'” Carrillo said.

The big picture

If the proposition passes, the BEDC will be left with a remaining $1.1 million to be used toward workforce and small business development. The remaining $3.3 million would be used toward streets.

“This is really a way to tell the residents, ‘Hey, we've been good at our job. We're attracting people, and those things have an impact on our streets,'" Carrillo said. "Let's all benefit from the sales tax we're bringing in, and let's fix your streets because it's a product of being successful in development and attracting new business here.”

Visit for a complete list of polling locations. Early voting times vary, but Election Day voting hours are from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. statewide.