Public schools around the state are dealing with fiscal year 2024-25 budget shortfalls. Learn more about Bastrop ISD plans to address these budget concerns as well as the growing enrollment experienced in the district and delinquent tax retrieval by reading the three stories below.

Bastrop ISD adjusts FY 2024-25 planned budget by $7.6M to address shortfall

Following adjustments to BISD's planned budget for FY 2024-25, a $188,000 shortfall remains, officials said at the April 16 board meeting. The adjustments follow funding changes that left the district with a $7.8 million shortfall under the previously planned budget.

The budget is based on a total revenue of $128 million expected for the 2024-25 year.

Bastrop ISD awaits possible $4.1 million in delinquent taxes

BISD collected $92.1 million in current and delinquent taxes in 2022. As of March, more than $4.1 million in taxes was unpaid in BISD.

Delinquent taxes are taxes not paid by Feb. 1 of the following year, when they begin accruing penalties and interest under Texas property tax laws.

Bastrop ISD enrollment up by 17% over last 5 years, more growth projected

BISD projects almost 20,000 students in the district by 2033 due to housing growth in the area. The district's current enrollment is 13,006 students across 16 campuses.

Rocky Gardiner, director of school district consulting with Zonda Education, presented the spring 2024 demographics report at the BISD board meeting April 16. According to the report, kindergarten classes are expected to reach a record high in BISD next year with about 869 students—up from 829 this year.