Looking for a new favorite meal? Check out these three new restaurants in Bastrop.

1. Ham Bonz Soul Food

Ham Bonz Soul Food serves traditional soul food, including Mo-T's Fried Chicken, Cheryl's Country Wings, Braggin' Rights Baked Chicken and Country-Fried or Southern Smothered Poke Chops. It is located at the former Bassano Italian Restaurant building in Bastrop's Tahitian Village.
  • Opened Oct. 15
  • 141 Tahitian Drive, Ste. A, Bastrop
2. Abuelitos Crêpe Café

Newly opened Abuelitos Crêpe Café offers sweet and savory crepes made with fresh, local ingredients. Rafael began making crepes while he and his wife were living in Mexico City. The couple opened a coffee shop and started making crepes based on a friend's recipe. Over the years, the recipe has changed, developing into what Abuelitos Crêpe Café sells today.
  • Opened late Sept.
  • 710 Chestnut St., Bastrop
3. P. Terry's Burger Stand

P. Terry’s Burger Stand’s Bastrop location is open for business. The location is a drive-thru-only restaurant off of Hwy. 71. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dining. P. Terry's offers burgers and fries produced with all-natural ingredients.
  • Opened Oct. 18
  • 484 W. Hwy. 71, Bastrop