Testing will begin on the Bastrop water treatment plant in November, the next step in bringing the plant online after a year delay.

The plant is located south of Griesenbeck Ranch Road between the Colorado River and Hwy. 304.

An Austin-based civil engineering firm, KSA was awarded the contract in October 2018. Construction on the project began in spring 2021.

By the numbers

While the full planned capacity for the plant is 10 million gallons a day, Phase 1 of the plant will only produce 2 million gallons a day.

The wastewater plant was designed to help accommodate Bastrop's growth. According to City Manager Sylvia Carrillo, Bastrop's planned developments will raise the city's water needs.

“There is a speed in which we need to move and we need to move quickly, but I’m trying to balance the impact to the residents and how much we borrow in debt,” Carrillo said at the Oct. 24 City Council meeting.

Looking ahead

The wastewater treatment plant will be discussed at an executive council meeting Nov. 7.

"Wastewater is a is a huge issue," Mayor Lyle Nelson said. "That's why we're building the state of our wastewater facility. ... We hope that we're keeping up with the with the demand, even with the new development. I believe we are."