Tucked away among suites of offices in 702 Chestnut St. is the only 100% natural bath and body specialty shop in Bastrop County. The store is decorated in bright pink, the “happiest color,” DivineLites Soap Shop owner Iris Noriega said. Noriega has sold soaps in Bastrop for over a dozen years and recently relocated her store to Chestnut Street in downtown Bastrop.

The inspiration

Noriega says she makes her soaps the way her great-grandmother would—all natural with locally sourced ingredients when possible. Goat milk soaps are a favorite among Bastrop customers.

“The only time you really have for yourself is in the shower,” Noriega said. “So why not use something that's good for your skin.”

Among a variety of scented soaps, Noriega sells bath bombs, lotions and scrubs. Noriega is also known to make custom soaps to accommodate dry skin or allergies. Noriega says that she is always thinking of new scents for her soaps.