The city of Bastrop received a design proposal March 22 for a 90-acre sports facility east of Technology Drive on Bastrop Economic Development Corporation-owned land.

The cost of the proposed concept plan and 3D model by Austin landscape architecture firm LUCK Design Team totals $26,200.

According to the proposal, Freeland Turk Engineering Group would partner with LUCK Design Team to provide construction cost estimations.

The project is one of multiple options the city is considering for a new recreation center facility, City Manager Sylvia Carrillo said.

“We as a council recognize the importance of having more recreational facilities,” Mayor Lyle Nelson said at the Feb. 27 City Council meeting.

How we got here

Bastrop Recreation Center members and employees have spoken at previous council meetings to address the need for a larger space.

“We are thankful for the facility we have, and although it meets the need for many, it is not meeting the needs for all,” said Pamela Vear, a recreation center member, at the Feb. 27 meeting.

In her public comment, Vear described class registration being filled within hours of opening as classes are limited to 32 attendees.

“There are citizens of Bastrop that are older than I and have been here much longer than my 25 years who are not able to benefit from these programs, and that is a real shame,” Vear said.