Bastrop City Council agreed to allocate $167,000 to address health and safety issues related to the Mayfest Park rodeo arena at the Aug. 22 City Council meeting. The proposition for repairs was accompanied by over 2,800 signatures from concerned citizens.

“I'm so excited that we're moving forward with the arena, which is the biggest draw I believe that we have in the city,” resident Deborah Jones said during the council meeting. “I think Bastrop can be right up there as far as providing this amazing service in Central Texas with this rodeo.”

Major suggested repairs include:
  • Updating the electrical system
  • Renovating bathrooms
  • Repairing or replacing fencing and gates
  • Brace announcer stand
  • Moving the return alley
  • Extending concrete
  • Adding seats
Repairs would provide the community with another leasable arena. Jones said the goal is to privately raise $1 million to further renovate the arena.

“There are two exciting things: One, we’re going to stretch our dollars with the city, but two is the sense of community that is engaged in this,” Council Member Cynthia Meyer said at the council meeting. “To have people volunteer and do really big jobs for the city, it forms our community, and that’s what we’re all about in Bastrop.”