Bastrop County is gearing up for the construction of a new warehouse and office space to support its operations.

The details

The county is set to begin work on the construction of a new combined services facility south of Hwy. 21 later this year.

The estimated $4.5 million project, funded with some of the county's federal American Rescue Plan Act dollars, will create new office, warehouse and shop space for about 30 county employees. The project is advancing to address the county's limited space.

"There is no warehouse space for storing of county assets or for state-required auctions for disposal of assets. The General Services and [Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan] departments do not have any space to house their equipment or to repair the equipment," said Lyndsey Schroeder, executive assistant to County Judge Gregory Klaus, in an email.

Schroeder said development will start his fall. The new facility is expected to be completed by next summer.