Despite delays, Bastrop Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 3 came online in mid-May. While the completion of the plant increases the city’s wastewater treatment capacity by 2 million gallons a day, expansions to the plant are already expected to accommodate increased need.

By the numbers

The expansion would see an increase to the plant's daily capacity by 6 million to 8 million gallons, City Manager Sylvia Carrillo said. At full capacity, the plant can process 10 million gallons a day. The new plant will also take on some flows from the existing plant Nos. 1-2 to aid its rehabilitation.
  • Plant Nos. 1-2: 2 million gallons per day
  • Plant No. 3: 2 million gallons per day
  • Planned expansion: 6 million-8 million gallons per day
The details

Construction on the $32.6 million plant began in spring 2021, and it was originally planned to begin operating April 1.

The new plant awaits some outstanding issues; however, these do not impact its functionality, Carrillo said. The necessary repairs include:
  • AC work in the plant administration building
  • Addressing stormwater outfall (discharge point) failure
Also of note

The new plant will help accommodate wastewater treatment from the SpaceX facility in Bastrop in 2026 under an agreement with SpaceX and the city of Bastrop that was announced in March.