The Bastrop Montessori team celebrated the school’s official grand opening, as well as renovations to the playground, in May.

Emily Bolt, Bastrop Montessori marketing and events director, said they began enrolling in the spring of 2022; however, it was a challenging time as it was during the pandemic and a nationwide teacher shortage.

Despite the obstacles, Bolt said they have managed to provide Montessori-style education and summer programming options to children between the ages of 18 months to 9 years.

Founder and director Cheryl Kruckenberg said she was first introduced to the Montessori Method in 1988 when searching for a school for her daughter.

“I instantly knew that here was the model that most closely matched my own beliefs; that learning is the innate desire of all children and that in a thoughtfully designed environment and in an atmosphere of respect, they will do what comes naturally to them – inquire, practice, learn and take care of each other,” Kruckenberg said on the school’s website.

Since then, Kruckenberg said she made a few modifications to Dr. Maria Montessori’s method, which she used throughout her career as a teacher, administrator and director—ultimately leading to the creation of Bastrop Montessori's original location downtown in 2019.

Two years after opening at their current location, Bolt said they were able to hold the official grand opening they had hoped for, as well as celebrate improvements to the playground areas.