Locations for nine new bird statues along Chestnut Street and in downtown Bastrop have been approved by City Council. The statues are part of the Bastrop Cultural Arts Commission's Bastrop Bird Junction Project.

A woodpecker along Chestnut Street in front of the Bastrop Convention and Exhibit Center, and a red-tailed hawk near the farmers market are among the sculptures planned.

Quotes of note

“The whole idea of a bird junction is to show physically with sculpture the migration that goes through Bastrop in a very permanent form, which is sculptures,” said Maria Montoya, Bastrop Cultural Arts Commission chair.

A Texas-certified bird city, Bastrop is within the migration path of over 300 species of birds.

“It’s important that we recognize that we’re a bird city and we celebrate it,” Montoya said. “The ultimate goal is to create these iconic birds and to bring attention to the existence and care of our feathered friends.”

The details

The project will be undertaken in three phases, Montoya said. Bird sculptures will be erected along Chestnut and in downtown as part of phases 1 and 2 followed by Phase 3, a bird-themed playscape along Fisherman’s Park.

Applications for artists will be submitted to the Bastrop Cultural Arts Commission for review and selection.

Funding for the project comes from hotel occupancy tax funds, citizen donations or grants, Montoya said. Each sculpture will cost about $25,000. One sculpture, a 10-foot barred owl in front of Film Alley, will cost $50,000. Six of the nine locations await funding confirmation.