After hearing the frustrations of many of his constituents, surrounded by Hwy. 130, Hwy. 290 and I-45, Georgetown Sen. Charles Schwertner filed a bill to simplify the Texas toll road system.

His bill, SB 1437 would streamline the many processes toll roads, run by different operators, have in place. For example, the bill would require all toll roads throughout Texas to offer a pay-by-mail option, clearly distinguish between invoices and impending bills and check online for a TxTag account prior to sending a paper invoice to the driver.

The bill would also offer all toll customers the option of invoicing payments online before paying their bill via mail.

Finally, the bill would require companies to promptly refund drivers for incorrect toll amounts, approving no greater than $20 reimbursement to the driver should they use time and money to challenge one of their bills.

"By standardizing and streamlining the process of paying toll charges, SB 1437 will help customers understand exactly what they owe and make sure that Texas drivers aren't taken for a ride," Schwertner said in a statement.

The Texas Department of Transportation was unable to comment on pending legislation.