State Rep. Jason Isaac aims to close the curtains on Daylight Saving Time


State Rep. Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, has proposed legislation that would put an end to the biannual practice of setting clocks forward and backward known as Daylight Saving Time.

“Imagine that it’s 2017, and lawmakers have for the first time proposed arbitrarily changing our clocks twice a year. They would be publicly ridiculed,” Isaac said in a news release. “The fact is, Daylight Saving Time is an antiquated regulation that no longer serves our state’s needs.”

Isaac called Daylight Saving Time “an annoyance at best and a burden to our state at worst.”

As an impetus for the legislation, Isaac cited studies indicating Daylight Saving Time leads to more car accidents and heart attacks, as well as consequences such as lost productivity at work, school and elsewhere stemming from fatigue, decreased alertness, decreased motivation and tardiness.

According to the legislation text, the entire state—including the portions using Central Standard Time and Mountain Standard Time as the official standard time—would opt out of Daylight Saving Time.

The legislation, if passed, would take effect Nov. 5, which is Daylight Saving Time.

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Brett Thorne reported on education, business, economic development and city government in San Marcos, Kyle and Buda from 2012 to 2017. Thorne attended Texas State University in San Marcos, where he graduated in 2010. He joined Community Impact Newspaper as a reporter in 2012 and was promoted to editor in 2013.
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