Margaret Moore wins Democratic race for Travis County district attorney


Updated March 2 at 12:25 a.m.

Margaret Moore garnered the most votes in the Democratic primary for Travis County District Attorney, unofficial results show.

She received 59.75 percent of the vote, or 65,441 votes, to Gary Cobb’s 34.1 percent of the vote, or 37,348 votes, and Rick Reed’s 6.15 percent of the vote, or 6,735 votes.

“This is an amazing result,” Moore said of the election. “I fully expected to be in a runoff.”

Although he could not be reached for comment, earlier in the day Reed posted on his political website that he was encouraging his supporters to vote for Moore. He stated it was “obvious that [he would]not receive enough votes to advance to the runoff” and Margaret Moore was “imminently qualified to serve as our next District Attorney.” Reed said he voted for Moore, citing her “impeccable honesty and integrity.”

“[Reed] and I met at the beginning of this race and along the way we were often saying the same things about the changes needed in the D.A.’s office,” Moore said. “It is a real honor [to have his support].”

She said she will take a couple of days off following tonight’s victory.

“I am so proud of the support I received across the county,” Moore said. “We will begin planning our race to win in November.”

All results are unofficial until canvassed.

Posted March 1 at 7:05 p.m.

Unofficial early voting results released March 1 indicate Margaret Moore is leading in the primary election for the Democratic nomination for Travis County district attorney with 60.99 percent of votes, or 30,253 votes. The remaining candidates include Gary Cobb with 33.04 percent, or 16,390 votes, and Rick Reed, with 5.97 percent, or 2,960 votes.

Candidate Maura Phelan is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for Travis County district attorney.

Rosemary Lehmberg has held the office since January 2009 but is not running for re-election..

In Texas, both the Democratic and Republican parties hold a primary election to determine which candidate should represent each party in the general election. Voters can participate in the primary election by voting Democrat or Republican but not both.

For more information on Democratic Travis County district attorney candidates, visit

All results are unofficial until canvassed.

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