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UPDATED March 7 11:06 a.m.
Original post March 6 7:49 p.m.
Early voter turnout for the March primaries in Texas promised an even higher turnout for Election day, March 6.

In Fort Bend County, early voting results from the primary elections showed Democratic turnout more than tripled compared to the 2014 primary election. Harris County also saw an increase in early voting results, with 3,233,338 people casting their ballot in 2014 compared to 3,410,740 in 2018, according to the Texas Tribune.

According to the Texas Tribune, early voting results in Texas doubled from four years ago for Democrats, while Republican turnout rose less than 15 percent.

Stay tuned for early voting and Election day results and continued updates for races that concern the Katy area below.

U.S. Rep. District 10 race

Voting results: 

*race will go to May 22 runoff
Richie DeGrow
.77%, 301 votes
Madeline K. Eden
14%, 5,514 votes
Matt Harris
7%, 2,825 votes
Kevin Nelson
4%, 1,589 votes
Mike Siegel
40%, 15,434 votes
Tami Walker
16%, 6,015 votes
Tawana Walter-Cadien
18%, 6,938 votes

John W. Cook
19%, 10,413 votes
Michael T. McCaul
80%, 41,881 votes

U.S. Rep. District 22 race

Voting results: 

Pete Olson
78%; 35,782 votes

Danny Nguyen
13.51%; 6,170 votes

James Green
5.5%; 2,521 votes

Eric Zmrhal
2.57%; 1,174 votes

*race will go to May 22 runoff

Sri Preston Kulkarni
31.81%; 7,230 votes

Steve Brown
20.99%; 6,246 votes

Letitia Plummer
24.29%; 7,230 votes

Margarita Ruiz Johnson
12.66%; 3,767 votes

Mark Gibson
10.23%; 3,046 votes

State Senate District 17 race

Voting results 

Kristin Tassin
27.35%; 13,808 votes

Joan Huffman
74.76%;  36,668 votes

*race will go to May 22 runoff

Ahmad R. Hassan 15.95%; 5,739 votes

Fran Watson
35.09%; 12,621 votes

Rita Lucido
48.94%; 17,603 votes

State Representative District 28 race

Voting results: 

Meghan Scoggins
81%; 5,224 votes

Durward White
19%; 1,225 votes

State Representative District 132 race

Voting results with 65 percent of precincts reporting: 

Gina Calanni
66.98%; 3,713 votes

Carlos Peña
33.01%; 1,830 votes

Waller County judge race

Voting results with 100 percent precincts reporting: 

Trey Duhon
74.09%; 2,811 votes

Tracy Sebesta
15.45%; 586 votes

Russell Klecka
10.46%; 397 votes

All results are unofficial until canvassed. Only contested local races were included. For more local primary election results and coverage, visit communityimpact.com/vote.

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