Candidate Q&A: Dripping Springs City Council Place 5 election preview


Three candidates are facing off this May for the Dripping Springs City Council Place 5 seat: incumbent council member Wm Travis Crow and challengers Stephen Randall and Geoffrey Tahuahua.

Ahead of local elections, Community Impact Newspaper sends questions out to candidates and publishes each candidate’s responses. For fairness, candidates were given a word limit and answers to questions were not edited. A version of this Q&A appears on page 27 of the April 2019 issue of Community Impact Newspaper’s Southwest Austin – Dripping Springs edition.

Early voting in the Hays County election runs April 22-30 and election day is May 4.

The candidates

Wm Travis Crow (incumbent)

Occupation: works in the construction industry specializing in residential concrete

Stephen Randall

Occupation: database administrator with S3 Matching Technologies

Geoffrey Tahuahua

Occupation: Real Estate Council of Austin vice president of policy and government affairs

How long have you lived in Dripping Springs?

Crow: I’m a native resident of Dripping Springs. I was born and raised here.

Randall: I moved to northern Hays County in 1998 but have only lived in the city limits since May 2017.

Tahuahua: We’ve been in the Dripping Springs area since 2016, and last year we made the move to Founders Ridge.

What experience do you have that makes you a good candidate for the position?

Crow: I have been a council member for two years and have seen and dealt with the issues facing Dripping Springs. The experience that I have that makes me a good candidate is I am a life-long member of the community.  I care about this community; I love this community; and I want it to grow in a positive direction so everyone can be a proud resident of Dripping Springs.

Randall: Nonprofit corporations are a lot like governments. I was on the board of Black Star Co-op during fundraising, construction and opening. I am currently treasurer for the Charity Craft Volunteer Network.

Tahuahua: My career in public policy, including municipal planning, budgeting, and solving problems at the local level, makes me uniquely qualified. I also serve on our local emergency services district board, where I’ve helped acquire a third ambulance to serve our community, stabilized our budget, and improved public outreach.

What are the biggest challenges currently facing Dripping Springs?

Crow: The biggest challenges this community faces is the level of growth.  This is growth from developers, water and wastewater issues, traffic congestion.  It’s a great place to live, but we have big issues for a small town.

Randall: The biggest challenge is managing inevitable growth, especially with regard to water usage. Traffic can also become problematic if not taken into consideration for each new subdivision.

Tahuahua: Dripping Springs is growing, whether we’re ready or not. The biggest challenge facing our community is proactively managing growth, ensuring our city continues to run smoothly while maintaining the character that makes it home. My experience with local government and budgeting makes me the best fit to tackle this challenge.

If elected, what goals would you have for your term in office?

Crow: My goals are to do what I think is right for Dripping Springs.

Randall: My primary goal is water conservation—there will always be another drought, and pre-emptive conservation can help minimize the impact. My second goal is to maintain the lowest level property tax rate possible.

Tahuahua: I hope to lead a thorough review of our city’s existing plans and goals, such as our comprehensive plan, and find ways to enhance and act on them. I’d also like to improve our relationships with our regional partners for transportation, including the county and TxDOT.

Do you have any conflicts of interest that could prevent you from voting on future council actions?

Crow: Yes, I potentially have conflicts that might not allow me to vote on certain issues if those issues fall within 300 feet of my residency.

Randall: I am not aware of any conflicts of interest.

Tahuahua: No.

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