Learn about the two candidates for Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 2. Candidates were asked to submit answers to the Q&A below via email.

Cynthia Long

Republican, Incumbent

Occupation: Williamson County commissioner
Experience: commissioner, city council, BBA-TxA&M
Top priorities: public safety, low taxes, great roads/parks/trails
Website: www.cynthialong.com 

What are the three biggest issues facing the county?
Keeping people moving by remaining ‘bullish’ on road construction as we build critical roads and expand existing ones; staying tough on crime and keeping our county safe; maintaining the quality of life that makes Williamson County the place where people want to live, work, and play

What do you propose to do about these issues?
We have a comprehensive transportation plan, and we must execute the plan. I will go after additional transportation funding through my leadership role on CAMPO. My budget votes have always supported public safety funding and will continue to. I will remain a champion of economic development, parks and trails.

Kasey Redus


Occupation: owner of Primrose School at Vista Ridge
Experience for this position: business owner, budgeting and leadership
Priorities: budget, mental health crisis, transportation issues, public safety
Website: www.kaseyredus.com

What are the three biggest issues facing the county?
• Growth and what that means for transportation and emergency services
• Mental health issues is the No. 1 health issue our county is facing
• We are ranked one of the highest debt ratio per capita

What do you propose to do about these issues?
• Support developing a comprehensive regional mobility plan
• Restore our Mobile Outreach Team and get them the resources they need
• Budget efficiently and responsibly while listening to the needs of the residents and departments