Waterway Square is a one-acre public gathering place that offers visitors a spot to cool off under shade trees, people-watch on benches and walk barefoot on the splash pad.

One of the features of the splash pad is a bronze sculpture on a nearby bench that resembles a large handbag with items spilling from it, such as a cellphone and a set of keys. Alex Sutton, co-president of The Woodlands Development Company, said sometimes when he is visiting the square, people point out the bag to him, thinking someone accidentally left it behind.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped and been told, ‘Sir, do you know there’s a purse over there,’” he said.

A colorful water fountain with a backdrop of a waterfall wall is illuminated, casting a rainbow of lights around Waterway Square.

“[The water fountain has] been a real hit,” Sutton said. “It’s choreographed every 15 minutes and plays music to the water and to the lights.”

A newly built stage at Waterway Square began hosting the Live at Night free music performances in May that occur every Saturday in the summer.

“Our plan for Waterway Square was for people to gather and be entertained,” Sutton said. “It’s really fun to sit at one of the restaurants, like Nick’s Fish Dive & Oyster Bar and Crush Wine Bar and overlook all the action. It’s great to be part of the environment while you’re dining.”

Behind the new stage is a bridge under construction that will connect the two banks of the Waterway. The bridge will be an expansion of Waterway Square and the developments across the water will include offices, retail outlets, restaurants and residential living units, Sutton said.

“We are exporting the ambience of Waterway Square across the Waterway,” he said.


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