Taco USA

Resurrecting an extinct Texas restaurant chain, Taco USA opened its doors in The Woodlands Feb. 20 and has overcome adversity to start experiencing some success.

Owner Jeff Rhame, who opened the location with childhood friend Chad Byers, said the restaurant has found its footing thanks to staff improvements and changes he has begun to implement.

While taking some of the same recipes of the Taco USA chain, which closed in the 1990s, Rhame has added new sauces, a fish taco, new custom burger recipes and a healthy turkey taco alternative. The restaurant also hopes to attract customers with its “bring your own beer” policy and features daily specials for customers looking to save money.

The restaurant began serving breakfast tacos seven days a week in July, featuring chorizo, potato, bacon, fajita chicken and fajita beef.

“I think there’s a big demand for a breakfast taco,” he said. “Probably 80 percent of the business will be people picking it up on their way to work or picking it up to take it home.”

Rhame said he has been approached with the prospect of franchising Taco USA. However, he said he is more concerned with the present and providing quality customer service today than in expanding in the future.

7 Switchbud Place, Ste. 194

The Woodlands 281-292-8226




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