Charlie Riley, manager of precinct operations for Montgomery County Precinct 2 for the past 11 years, has announced that he will run for Precinct 2 commissioner in the November 2014 election. This announcement comes after the current commissioner, Craig Doyal, stated he will not run for reelection.

“I think I’ve proven in my 11 years with the county that I have the work ethic, the working relationships and that I am a good steward with the tax payers’ money,” Riley said. “I know the nuts and bolts of how things work. There would be a learning curve, but a lot of being commissioner would involve stepping up what I’m doing now.”

As manager of precinct operations, Riley said he handles the day-to-day procedures of county projects, which includes managing budgets, personnel and work materials. He is also the liaison for the precinct’s property owners and homeowners associations.

“I know the precinct,” he said. “I know the people in it and the people who work here.”

If elected Riley said his priorities would include seeing though the various mobility projects in the county, such as the Hwy. 249 extension, constructing an overpass at FM 1488 and FM 149 and widening FM 1488 to the Waller County line.

“One thing we have to do is always try to improve the quality of life in Montgomery County,” Riley said. “One critical way to do that is through mobility, but our commercial industry and the types of housing we have are also important.”

Riley is a 42-year Montgomery County resident and graduate of Magnolia High School. He lives in Magnolia with his wife of 36 years, Deanne.

“My goal is to make Montgomery County a better place to live every day,” he said.

Riley, who is also the president of the Magnolia ISD school board, said he will continue to serve on the board until his term expires in May 2014. Regardless of what happens in the commissioner race, he said he does not plan to run for reelection to the school board.

While Doyal said he is considering a bid for the Montgomery County judge seat being vacated by Alan B. Sadler, state law prohibits him from announcing his candidacy this far out from the election unless he immediately steps down as county commissioner. He said an official decision on whether or not he will run will be released after his term expires in December.


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