For students, going back to school is synonymous with seeing old friends, making new ones and learning new things. For parents, the start of the academic year means it is time for well-checks, immunizations and reinstituting the dreaded school night bedtime.

Luckily, at Austin Diagnostic Clinic in Leander, parents can find everything their children need to start off the new school year in good health.

Located at Highway 183A and San Gabriel Parkway, the newly opened location boasts a modern clinic, onsite providers in pediatrics and family medicine, and X-ray services.

Dr. Jaclyn Marroquin is the resident pediatrician at ADC Leander and has worked in the field of pediatrics for 13 years. She has worked with ADC for the last six and a half years and before she joined the new Leander location when it opened in May, she was at the ADC Cedar Bend location.

For Marroquin, working at ADC Leander is an exciting new step in her career.

“I love working with children and their families to create a team approach to care for patients and their health and I look forward to taking care of children in my hometown community,” she said.

To make it easier for parents and students alike, here are four things Marroquin recommends parents should know for the back to school season:

1. Getting a sports physical – It’s not too late

Aside from future plans, ADC Leander currently offers well checks, sports physicals and immunizations and helpful information about back-to-school readiness. According to Marroquin, the ADC Leander location has seen an uptick in patients from two large and growing areas, Leander ISD and Liberty Hill ISD. While each school district is different, many districts require well checks, immunizations and sports physical for children involved in extracurricular activities.

“Towards the end of the summer, when parents realize that children need vaccines and sports physicals, we get a huge influx of visits,” she said. “We still have plenty of availability to get sports physicals done, even with school started.”

Marroquin said the sports physicals delve into family history to get an accurate picture of the student’s health.

“Sports physicals entail getting a history of the patient and family history as well as a physical exam, cardiac exam, muscle strength and overall wellness,” she said. “These factors can be significant when children are playing sports.”

2. Health and wellness checks

For well checks, Marroquin said she checks the child’s physical, mental and social health and goes over prevention.

“We track growth and development and make sure they’re hitting developmental milestones,” she said.

3. Immunizations, including the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot

Marroquin said immunizations are reviewed and given to the child as appropriate.

“Each pediatrician will follow the guidelines for the CDC for immunizations and the schedule,” she said.

4. Nutrition, sleep and a schedule

Back to school readiness is more than well checks and vaccines, and children also need appropriate sleep and nutrition to be successful.

To ensure students can get on track with their sleep, Marroquin said she recommends starting to institute bedtime a couple weeks before school starts. Since school has already started for most everyone, can we change this to more, Marroquin recommends keeping a routine bedtime in place after school has started.

“This will keep their sleep routine on track, making sure they’re getting enough sleep to focus and do well in school,” she said.

Marroquin also highlighted the importance of a well-balanced diet in back-to-school success and recommended making healthy snacks available for students when they get home from school.

In the coming months, ADC Leander aims to add rotating specialists in the clinic in addition to the two on-site providers currently at the location. The clinic also plans to expand its services throughout 2022 to include more specialists. ADC Leander is located at 505 St. David's Loop, Ste. 320, Leander, and is open 8 a.m.-5p.m. Monday through Friday. Dr. Marroquin is seeing new patients and has next day availability. Her full biography is available here.

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